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Wolves Don't Waste: Membership Dues

Wasting Less, Feeding More

Purpose: To reduce food waste and hunger in the community; to build connections with organizations in the community that also have goals of reducing food waste and hunger; to promote positive change and awareness; to provide a safe space for individuals to receive food that would have otherwise gone to waste


To become a member, you must:

  1. Be a student at the University of West Georgia. 

  2. Submit a new member application.

  3. Pay dues within two weeks of becoming a member


  • Members are expected to attend at least three events hereby referred to as a shift, during the school year. 

  • Members are expected to attend at least 75% of general meetings unless excused by the President. 

  • Members are expected to follow the UWG student handbook and code of conduct. 

  • Members are expected to maintain the confidentiality of those served.

  • Members pay $15 in yearly dues.

  • Dues must be paid by the 3rd week of the fall semester or by the second week of membership.

  • Members are eligible for a club t-shirt after all of the above have been met.

Link to Student Handbook: https://www.westga.edu/administration/vpsa/ocs/student-handbook.php